U24 Joint Meeting

This week I am in DC at the U24 Joint meeting hosted by NCRR in Rockville, MD. Really cool meeting – got to know some more people from the Harvard based eagle-i program. Looking at how VIVOWeb and eagle-i overlap with priorities.

ALA OITP Advisory Committee Fall Retreat

Today I am in the second day of the annual ALA OITP Advisory Committee Fall Retreat. We have a real treat today in Alan Davidson, Google Director of U.S. Public Policy and Government Affairs. He is talking about all the interesting fronts that google is working on in terms of the future of the Internet.

Google is very interested in how the Internet experience has changed most people will never know a desktop – will only know netbooks and ipods and ebook readers.

Sun-PASIG Fall Meeting

I am at the Sun-PASIG meeting today and learning lots – including about the new S3 storage module for iRODS and the new advanced functionality of Islandora (use as an almost cyberenvironment – kind of like hubzero).

IU StateWide IT Conference

The IU StateWide IT Conference kicked off today with the Local Service Provider Day. I am excited about tomorrow’s session as Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics and Growing Up Digital, will be the keynote speaker.

Sony LifeStyle PC

So I just ordered a new Sony P Series 688 lifestyle pc. Want to get it and see how Win7 works on it. Hoping it will cut down the weight in my briefcase.