#OR2015 Takes Indy by Storm

So this week I am at the 10th International Open Repositories Conference held here in Indianapolis, IN. This year Indiana University, the University of Illinois and Virginia Tech are the host sponsors. We have a large group of over 400 in attendance from all over the world. Welcome to Indy!


Friday WebCast on "Saving My Stuff" Sponsored by TLT Group

On Friday June 5, 2015 I will be speaking at a TLT Group Discussion on personal and scholarly archiving and preservation with Stephen Bell and Cliff Landis. Please join us! Below are my slides

See the link here: http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/event-1938612
Register here (it’s free): http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/event-1938612/Registration
“Saving Our Stuff?” – Continued 
Presenters: Steven J. Bell – Temple University, Robert H. McDonald – Indiana University, Cliff Landis – Georgia State University, Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, and others
From Research References to Family Pix
Effective Practices in Personal Digital Archiving for Faculty and Students
On April 17 in FridayLive! we began “Saving Our Stuff,”  but we discovered that there was greater interest and more to discuss than fit in that hour.  Based on comments and requests, we scheduled this follow-up to go deeper into these 3 main categories:
Select, Organize, Make your own backup – How?  Options & Cautions

  • Disaster prep;  Preservation;  Save private copies or publicly accessible copies.
  • Enable Refind/Retrieve via Cloud, Auto Backup Resources (e.g., Evernote, DIIGO Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Scholar, Amazon Cloud, iCloud, Carbonite, Sugarsync,Transporter, etc.)  Free/Fee
  • Rely on Wayback Machine?  For what? Wayback Machine does not access our [non-public] past Blackboard or Moodle courses
  • LMS Options, Limitations

“Fair Use” vs. CASE method = Copy And Steal Everything… vs. Other Alternatives

  • CREATE: Find, Adapt, Select, Protect, Organize(e.g., DIIGO, Google Scholar, Evernote)
  • USE:  Citation, Permission & Payment:  Enable Refind/Retrieve/Usage; via Permission, Citation Tools, Digital Object Identifiers, Creative Commons, ImageCodr,

HTRC 2015

Here is another action shot of @MikeFurlough kicking off the 3rd Annual HTRC UnCamp that was held March 30-31, 2015 in Ann Arbor, MI. We had a great 1.5 days together showing off our work from this year’s deliverables on the HTRC as well as getting valuable user input on the future directions of our tools and services.