HTRC Operations Planning

Today I am at the University of Illinois for a joint meeting on the Hathitrust Research Center Operations Planning. This is a great group and I am so happy that our vision for HTRC is moving forward in a big way over the next four years.

Kuali OLE FC/TC Meetings in Chicago

This week am in Chicago at the new Big10 Center where we are having our fall Kuali OLE FC and TC meetings. We are happy to have this here since we have IU, Maryland, and Chicago as CIC Members of Kuali OLE. This am we got to hear from both the University of Chicago and Lehigh University about their recent implementations of Kuali OLE. We are so happy to share this news with all of our library colleagues and we hope to see more implementations in the near future.
To read more on the Lehigh University implementation see their news release – The Chicago news release is coming soon…

OLE TC Chair Jeff Fleming

Kuali Community Workshop 2014

This week I am at the Kuali Community Workshop in Atlanta, GA. We are working towards specficiations for our next releases as well as doing work around consortial implementations and meeting with our technical council. Today is all about the OLE Board and several great ideas that are being voted on for the benefit of our investor community.

More to come…

To see our whole slate of meetings check out –