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ALA MidWinter Meeting 2015

Recently we were in Chicago for the ALA Midwinter Meeting. I had the opportunity to attend the Big Heads Collection Development Meeting. I was on hand to discuss developments with the Hathitrust Research Center and the 2015 HTRC UnCamp (registration is now open) to be held in Ann Arbor, MI on March 30-31, 2015.

In the picture below you will see @MikeFurlough, HT Executive Director, discussing latest developments from the HathiTrust Digital Library.


Kuali Community Workshop 2014

This week I am at the Kuali Community Workshop in Atlanta, GA. We are working towards specficiations for our next releases as well as doing work around consortial implementations and meeting with our technical council. Today is all about the OLE Board and several great ideas that are being voted on for the benefit of our investor community.

More to come…

To see our whole slate of meetings check out –

TechCrunch Confirms Elsevier Buys Mendeley

Today techcrunch confirmed that Elsevier will purchase Mendeley for between $69-100M. For more on this see the techcrunch article –

Mendeley put out a piece on their blog talking about the coming changes –

Google Open Up Scholar Citations to All

So I got an email this morning from Google telling me that their Scholar Citations service is now open to everyone. If you want to see how this works please check out my profiel for Robert H. McDonald. If you want to sign-up for a profile go to this URL:

This service is very interesting because it enables a researcher profile that can be easily filled from citations from googl scholar and can then show your author citation network based on those citations. For more on this cool Google service go to the Google Blog –

5 Day Mobile Sprint – Check it out!

I just wanted to post something up on the ETCOM Blog about the Mobile Computing Sprint that is currently underway via the network hosted by Educause.

Today’s session which kicks off again at 1pm includes one of our own members of the evolving technologies committee, Jeniffer Sparrow (@jennifersparrow).

You might want to check out some of the great live tweeting going on by

Steve DiFilipo (!/s_df)

Derek Bruff (!/derekbruff)

Neal Cross (!/nealcross)

Christa Appleton (!/christa_line)

If you want to follow what’s going on with this sprint in the tweetosphere – follow #edusprint

You might also want to see what this group is doing in using ideascale (like an online ideagora) –

There is also a great blog post on the event by Alan Levine at cogdogblog –

Additionally – the folks a Educause are posting a daily newsletter for this event that lists what is going on  –

This format of onlline only is really great and a cool use of technology – without having so much travel involved. Kudos to the folks at ELI and Educause who are making this happen.


Thiel on Higher Education Bubble

This is an interesting piece –– from techcrunch about Peter Thiel and his belief that we are now in a higher education bubble that is at its apex. This from a man who saw the dotcom bubble and the home mortgage bubble before either burst. The cool part is he is not just predicting the bubble – he is doing something about it – trying to make it acceptable for the best talent to start companies rather than going to college – at least putting off college for a while to try something different. This piece is worth a read.