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Kuali OLE and IU Libraries are Hiring

So of late we have lots of activity going on here in Bloomington for those interested in working on library software development projects. Within the Kuali OLE core team we have three positions open right now – Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager, and Configuration Manager. Within the LTDL group at the IU Libraries we are looking for an Associate Director for Digital Library Software Development. If you are interested in any of these positions please apply online or contact me for more info.

Kuali OLE Team at Educause 2010

Please join the Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment) Team at Educause 2010
in Anaheim, CA for our session entitled – Library Startup: Building a
Sustainable Software Community for Academic Libraries Through Kuali. Our
session is on Friday Oct 15th, 2010 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM in the Orange County
Convention Center Meeting Room 304D.
If you are interested in meeting up with our OLE Team while in Anaheim please contact Robert McDonald at robert at kuali dot org.


ETCOM Committee Ignite Sessions

Hi All,

Just putting out another note about this for all of you who are ignite presentation experts and are interested in our theme of You 3.0 and are attending Educause 2010 in Anaheim. The Educause Evolving Technologies Committee is sponsoring an ignite session and is interested in your presentation – see below.

This year the Evolving Technology Committee is adopting the theme of “You 3.0″ and is exploring the relationship between evolving technologies and individual career development. For our 2010 annual presentation, we want to present five 5-minute Ignite-style presentations which describe deploying a new technology or managing technology change in the context of its impact on your career, management style, and/or professional development.

See our Google spreadsheet for more information and to sign up:…

Please keep in mind that our time limit is fixed and allows for just five presentations. If we have a lot of volunteers, we will select a handful which represent diverse institutions and speak to different levels of technological sophistication.

Thanks – Robert

Bamboo Project Partners Meeting

I am at the Bamboo Project Partners Meeting today in Chicago at the Big 10 Conference Center in Park Ridge, IL. This meeting has been a great discussion about joining efforts in humanities computing and services. I think this project will do alot for everyone in digital humanities, not just the Bamboo Project Partners.

Code4Lib 2011 Voting for Host Site

So we still have voting going on for the 2011 Code4Lib Conference. It is between Bloomington – Vancouver – and New Haven. If you are into code4lib and have not voted please do so. See below.

Voting is only open until midnight on Tuesday, March 23rd, so vote now!

To vote:

1. Go to the ballot –
2. Log in using your credentials (register for an account if you haven’t done so already).
3. Click on a host’s name to reveal a link to the full proposal.
4. Assign each proposal a rank from 0 to 3, 0 being least desirable and 3 being the most. Please keep the conference requirements and desirables in mind as you make your selection.
5. Once you are satisfied with your rankings, click “Cast your ballot”.

JASIG 2010

So this week I am with @winkler4 at the 10th anniversary edition of the JASIG conference. We are here promoting Kuali OLE but are interested in talking to others in this very unique collaborative software community. So far sessions have been great and run the gamut between OpenCast Matterhorn, Agile Development, and Web Services. Met some really cool people and ran into old friends @declan, @danwho, @pemuls, @bmljenny, and @cab105 as well as new friends Barry and Jennifer, sorry that @iandolphin24 is stuck in New Zealand.