Kuali Community Workshop 2014

This week I am at the Kuali Community Workshop in Atlanta, GA. We are working towards specficiations for our next releases as well as doing work around consortial implementations and meeting with our technical council. Today is all about the OLE Board and several great ideas that are being voted on for the benefit of our investor community.

More to come…

To see our whole slate of meetings check out – https://www.kuali.org/kcw/2014/schedule/foundation

FOSS Governance Slides

These are my slides from Haikudeck that I gave at the Lyrasis Supporting Cultural Heritage Open Source Software (SCHOSS) Symposium in Atlanta on April 25, 2014. It was a great panel with @ranginui and @mleggot.

Cultural Heritage Open Source Software Symposium

This week I am at the Lyrasis/Mellon funded Supporting Cultural Heritage Open Source Software (SCHOSS) Symposium in Atlanta, GA. If you want to follow us we are using an etherpad at this link. You can follow us on Twitter at #SCHOSS This is a fun group and one that should continue to share knowledge over time about long-term sustainability for open source software in the cultural heritage sphere.
I will be putting up my sldes here for my governance talk which is happening tomorrow. Am so glad to be back in Atlanta and got to go to Mary Mac’s Tea Room last night.

More to come on this meeting and on next week’s Kuali Community Workshop also happening here in Atlanta, GA.