THATCamp Philly

Told some friends of mine I would put this out there:

THATCamp Philly is being held on September 23 to 24, 2011 in downtown Philadelphia (exact location to be determined).  Apply now to participate in this “unconference” where YOU get to determine what is on the agenda.  This intensive, innovative, participatory one or two-day event will include one day of technical workshops (Friday, September 23) and one day of interactive sessions (Saturday, September 24). The goals of this event include enriching essential, emerging cultures of collaboration and technology in the fields of arts, education, technology, museums, libraries and archives.

There are limited spaces-Apply now at if you:

-are interested in the digital humanities;

-wish to convene and cross-pollinate ideas and people in the greater Philadelphia region to develop strategies for improving access to and understanding of the humanities;

-wish to learn technical skills that use cutting-edge web-based solutions to expand the reach and increase the efficiency of humanities work;

-wish to build a collegial community where we can rely on our colleagues’ help, critiques, resources, ideas, and support;

-are techie and think that you can contribute to cultural institutions’ digital efforts;

-are NOT techie but wish that you were;

-are a student, scholar, or academic;

-are broke:  THATCamp Philly is committed to providing low-cost or no-fee access in order to encourage participation by those who often cannot afford to attend conferences! 

For more information, go to

THATCamp (The Humanities And Technology Camp) was started at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University in 2008.  Over 40 THATCamps have since been held internationally since that time.

Second Annual Curate Camp

Just a note to remind everyone that the 2nd Annual Curate Camp will kickoff Aug 15-16, 2011 on the beautiful campus of Stanford University.

CURATEcamp 2011 is a two-day unconference connecting practitioners of digital curation with technologists and software developers.

We still have a few registrations left – if interested you can register online at:

CURATEcamp 2011 is generously sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University; the Storage Networking Industry Association; the University of California, Los Angeles; Indiana University; and the Digital Library Federation (Council on Library and Information Resources).

For more on the Curate Camp Community go to –

DPLA Announces Beta Sprint

The Digital Public Library of America announced today their Beta SprintI was just at a meeting with this group in Amsterdam and I am very intrigued by this type of community outreach within their planning process. I am hopeful that many of us working in Digital Library areas and even areas outside of this will be interested in proposing something for this endeavor.

To paraphrase a bit from their call:

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Steering Committee is delighted to announce today a Beta Sprint that aims to surface innovations that could play a part in the building of a digital public library.

The Beta Sprint seeks, ideas, models, prototypes, technical tools, user interfaces, etc. – put forth as a written statement, a visual display, code, or a combination of forms – that demonstrate how the DPLA might index and provide access to a wide range of broadly distributed content. The Beta Sprint also encourages development of submissions that suggest alternative designs or that focus on particular parts of the system, rather than on the DPLA as a whole.

See more:

Press Release:

5 Day Mobile Sprint – Check it out!

I just wanted to post something up on the ETCOM Blog about the Mobile Computing Sprint that is currently underway via the network hosted by Educause.

Today’s session which kicks off again at 1pm includes one of our own members of the evolving technologies committee, Jeniffer Sparrow (@jennifersparrow).

You might want to check out some of the great live tweeting going on by

Steve DiFilipo (!/s_df)

Derek Bruff (!/derekbruff)

Neal Cross (!/nealcross)

Christa Appleton (!/christa_line)

If you want to follow what’s going on with this sprint in the tweetosphere – follow #edusprint

You might also want to see what this group is doing in using ideascale (like an online ideagora) –

There is also a great blog post on the event by Alan Levine at cogdogblog –

Additionally – the folks a Educause are posting a daily newsletter for this event that lists what is going on  –

This format of onlline only is really great and a cool use of technology – without having so much travel involved. Kudos to the folks at ELI and Educause who are making this happen.

HathiTrust Research Center Announced

On Monday of this week Indiana University and the University of Illinois announced the creation of the HathiTrust Research Center. Our press release states that:

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) will enable open access for nonprofit and educational users to published works in the public domain stored within HathiTrust, an extensive collaborative digital library of more than 8 million volumes and 2 billion pages of archived material maintained by major research institutions and libraries worldwide.

Leveraging data storage infrastructure at Indiana University and computational resources at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the HTRC will provision a secure computational and data environment for scholars to perform research using the HathiTrust Digital Repository. The center will break new ground in the areas of text mining and non-consumptive research, allowing scholars to fully utilize content of the HathiTrust Library while preventing intellectual property misuse within the confines of current U.S. copyright law.

For more information please see:

We also got some coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Also listed in Marshall Breeding’s Library Technology Blog.

Also listed in Roy Tennant’s Digital Libraries Blog.