Thiel on Higher Education Bubble

This is an interesting piece –– from techcrunch about Peter Thiel and his belief that we are now in a higher education bubble that is at its apex. This from a man who saw the dotcom bubble and the home mortgage bubble before either burst. The cool part is he is not just predicting the bubble – he is doing something about it – trying to make it acceptable for the best talent to start companies rather than going to college – at least putting off college for a while to try something different. This piece is worth a read.

IU and Project Bamboo

I am in the Republic of Berkeley today at Cal in a Project Bamboo kickoff meeting. I am very excited to hear how the corpora space is thinking about engaging the digital humanities community. They are looking to use simpler visualization tools that can help form a context around smaller sets of documents in order to inform how larger sets of documents could be used with tools like google’s n-gram service or possibly for future bamboo services. IU is working on components of workspaces and collection interoperability, namely working on hubzero and alfresco interop.

Kuali OLE and IU Libraries are Hiring

So of late we have lots of activity going on here in Bloomington for those interested in working on library software development projects. Within the Kuali OLE core team we have three positions open right now – Business AnalystQuality Assurance Manager, and Configuration Manager. Within the LTDL group at the IU Libraries we are looking for an Associate Director for Digital Library Software Development. If you are interested in any of these positions please apply online or contact me for more info.