HTRC 2015

Here is another action shot of @MikeFurlough kicking off the 3rd Annual HTRC UnCamp that was held March 30-31, 2015 in Ann Arbor, MI. We had a great 1.5 days together showing off our work from this year’s deliverables on the HTRC as well as getting valuable user input on the future directions of our tools and services.

ALA MidWinter Meeting 2015

Recently we were in Chicago for the ALA Midwinter Meeting. I had the opportunity to attend the Big Heads Collection Development Meeting. I was on hand to discuss developments with the Hathitrust Research Center and the 2015 HTRC UnCamp (registration is now open) to be held in Ann Arbor, MI on March 30-31, 2015.

In the picture below you will see @MikeFurlough, HT Executive Director, discussing latest developments from the HathiTrust Digital Library.

HTRC Meeting at Illinois

Today I am at a meeting of the core staff for the HathiTrust Research Center at the University of Illinois. Having a great discussion on our overall architecture for HTRC.

HTRC Operations Planning

Today I am at the University of Illinois for a joint meeting on the Hathitrust Research Center Operations Planning. This is a great group and I am so happy that our vision for HTRC is moving forward in a big way over the next four years.

HathiTrust Research Center Announced

On Monday of this week Indiana University and the University of Illinois announced the creation of the HathiTrust Research Center. Our press release states that:

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) will enable open access for nonprofit and educational users to published works in the public domain stored within HathiTrust, an extensive collaborative digital library of more than 8 million volumes and 2 billion pages of archived material maintained by major research institutions and libraries worldwide.

Leveraging data storage infrastructure at Indiana University and computational resources at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the HTRC will provision a secure computational and data environment for scholars to perform research using the HathiTrust Digital Repository. The center will break new ground in the areas of text mining and non-consumptive research, allowing scholars to fully utilize content of the HathiTrust Library while preventing intellectual property misuse within the confines of current U.S. copyright law.

For more information please see:

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